CD/DVD Jewel Case Front Insert Printing

Duplicating your CD and DVD's are only half the battle, now what do I do with my packaging?

We at RocketRom can produce high quality, affordable Cardboard Sleeves, CD Jewel Case Covers, Booklets, Back Tray covers to give your project a professional top quality look. Price quotes for printing depend on the quantity ordered, the type and size, and the number of colors printed.

Select from 2 Panel and 4 Panel inserts from quantities as small as 100.

For 6 Panel, 8 Panel or 8 Page, 12 Page, 16 Page, 20 Page, 24 Page inserts and booklet our minimum quantity is 1,000 using our Offset Press printing.

Below is an example of our 6 Panel Front Jewel Case Insert. With Offset Press print you will receive magazine QUALITY prints!


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